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Affordable Laptop Screen Repair Services

If you are looking for an affordable Laptop Screen Repair Company in York, please consider CG Computers as your first choice.


Broken Laptop Screen in York?

If you have a broken, cracked or damaged laptop screen and you live in york then the good news is that it’s a simple repair – in most case we can carry this out for just £75.

There are some makes/models that may cost slightly more – just contact us with your laptop details and we can provide a quotation for you.

Common symptoms of a virus or malware infection include:

Computer running more slowly than usual


Computer sending out spam emails


Lots of pop ups when browsing the internet


Programs which will not load up


Your homepage has changed


Antivirus or Firewall has been turned off

Being taken to strange websites

Affordable Laptop Screen Repair Services

Laptops by their very nature are prone to being dropped or having liquids split over them.This often requires replacement of the damaged LCD Screen.

If your screen is damaged or cracked, give us a call or email with the Laptop make and model. We will send you a quotation by email within 48 hours.

If you wish to go ahead with the repair, please contact us and give us the go-ahead to source and purchase the part.

Once it has arrived we will give you a call and ask you to bring in the damaged item.

Simple screen replacements can often be done within the hour (depending on how busy the workshop is)

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